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5 Steps to Use Elementor Website Builder to Create a Full Website for Free

When you enter the website game, you’ll quickly come to realize that to stand out above the crowd; you have to do some seriously clever work when it comes to how your website looks and functions. 

Your website is an vital tool in your digital marketing strategy. It helps people to understand what you’re about, who you are, and it also shows how professional you are. It’s the digital version of the in-person first impression. As a result, it has to be high quality and attractive from the start. 

However, creating dynamic pages on a website isn’t accessible if you don’t have any prior knowledge of building sites. The good news is that it’s effortless to create a website with WordPress. And you can adopt this beginner’s guide to using Elementor too – a powerful free WordPress page builder who takes a basic website and turns it into something truly remarkable. 

5 Steps to Use Elementor Website Builder to Create a Full Website for Free 

The Elementor website builder is easy to use, the on-site instructions are fool-proof, and you can work various designs and effects into your website with very little trouble if any at all. 

There is a free version and Pro version which you have to pay for. The Pro version gives you premium templates and a few other useful tools, but the free version is often enough to get you started. 

Step 1 – Get WordPress  

First things first, you need to get started with WordPress, and again, this is pretty easy. 

You head to the website, sign up, follow the on-screen instructions and voila! You are a member, and you can start building your site.

Step 2 – Install Theme and Page Builder 

Next, you’ll need to install the Elementor website builder. It is another easy step, and because Elementor is a plugin, you choose it from the list, click download and wait for the files to make their way to your site. Then, install and follow the on-screen instructions. Here you can decide whether you want to go for the Pro version or whether you’re happy to stick with the free version for now. 

Then, choose a theme from a rather extensive list, and you’re ready to start customizing your site. 

Step 3 – Pick a Template and Customise it.

The elementor website builder is a step by step tool, which makes it easy for anyone to build a high-quality site. It is ideal for beginner’s, and it gives you the confidence to create an imposing website for your customers too. 

The next step is to pick your desired template and to customize it to your own needs. Think about how you want your site to look and how you want it to flow and work. Then, choose a template and customize it to ensure that it meets your needs. Again, you click options and boxes, and you’ll see that the site almost magically appears before your eyes. 

You can choose different fonts, tables, images, install widgets – the options are endless. 

Step 4 – Mobile Responsiveness 

It’s always a good idea in this day and age to make your website mobile-ready. Most people browse sites while they’re on their tablet or their cell phone, and if you have a place that isn’t mobile-friendly, customers are going to become pretty annoyed that they can’t see your site correctly and they’ll click off and go somewhere else. 

Step 5 – Your Header Menu 

The fifth and final step is to choose your header menu and customize as you see fit. Again, this comes down to what you want and how you would like your website to work. Be sure to browse the options and find the right choice for your needs. 


The elementor website builder is straightforward to use page builder, which takes web design and breaks down the complex elements into something that anyone can do. We all appreciate how important websites are these days, and it’s often the case that if a site isn’t working well or doesn’t look attractive, a customer will choose a competitor instead. That’s not the type of business you can afford to lose!

How Much Code Do You Need to Use Elementor Website Builder?

Creating a high-quality website takes time and effort. If you have no prior knowledge of the subject matter, it will be hard to understand the basics of the website game. There is one specific part of website building that strikes fear into many hearts – code. 

It’s confusing, it’s difficult to understand, creating your code can be extremely difficult, borderline impossible if you have no prior knowledge. The good news is, there is a range of page builder products out there that do the whole coding story. 

What is Elementor For WordPress?

Elementor website builder is a free plugin for WordPress, which allows you to create a high-quality site without understanding how to do the whole thing from scratch. 

The free version is often enough for most people, but there is also a Pro version that you can choose to upgrade if you want access to the premium themes and other features. The main elements of Elementor website builder are:

  • Live editing – You can see any changes you make to your site in real-time.
  • A range of widgets – You can choose from various widgets to add to your site.
  • Responsive and dynamic pages – Your site will stand out above the crowd.
  • Mobile-friendly – Make your site suitable for both desktop and mobile viewing
  • Keep track of your changes – If you want to play around with the various features, you can do so without having to worry about losing your progress. 
  • A range of available themes – Pick and choose and change your theme whenever you want. 

Reducing The Amount of Code

The great thing about the Elementor website builder is that you don’t need to understand the code basics to make it work. This free WordPress page builder is ideal for beginners who want to create a high-quality website for their customers. 

Elementor is a drag and drop, easy select affair, so you click on what you want and decide where you want it to feature. For even the most basic website designers, Elementor is an easy to follow, no-fail option. 

If you aim to take your site to the next level, you can add your elements if you choose, learning code as you go along. However, you can stick to what Elementor does for you and use zero code you create yourself. 

Pick And Customize

With the range of themes available, you can easily make changes to your page as you see fit and alter back if you don’t like what you’ve created. The plugin keeps a record of the changes you’ve made to revert if you don’t want a step you’ve taken. 

To unlock the premium features, you can upgrade to the Pro version. Before you do this, you need to install the free version. You can choose the payment option you want to go for, depending on how many licenses you want, and your new subscription will be unlocked. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you’re a freelancer looking for a place to build your portfolio, a business owner, or a teacher, the Elementor website builder has a template that is suitable for your goals. The page builder is ideal for anyone who wants to create a WordPress website to impress their visitors. 

Elementor takes away the need to learn or understand any coding, as it is a drag-and-drop builder. All you need to do is select the features you want to see and decide where to place them. If code is something you’ve been worried about before designing a website, this particular plugin will relieve your worries. 

5 Types of Call Center Job Interview Questions to Be Ready For

Many people seek a job at a very young age. If you are starting a job to support your financial needs, the jobs you find are probably not going to pay well.

You may find a job at a restaurant which is just boring and doesn’t pay well. Many youngsters prefer joining a call center, as it pays you enough to support yourself financially but call centers also have tough interviews nowadays.

If you are thinking of joining a call center and do not know what it takes, you need to read this article. Learn about the 5 types of most asked questions in a call center, and be ready to answer.

1. Questions About Your Experience:

Anywhere you go for a job, the interviewer asks a simple question that many people do not usually like, which is, “What is your experience?”. Now, many times the same question is asked in a different way, like, “How many years of experience do you have?”, or “Do you have any prior customer service care experience?”.

Most people get confused at this question because of a lack of experience or sometimes no experience. Don’t freeze at this question and answer honestly. Many call centers hire fresh people so you do not need any experience to get a job.

2. Questions About Your Ability To Work Fast

This can involve one or a set of behavioral questions just to check your ability to handle the situation. They may ask you, “What type of working environment do you prefer?”, or “When was the last time you were working under a difficult deadline?”. You should also check out sam shiah personal linkedin for more in-depth tips like these.

As you are applying for a call center job, you have to be fast. Call centers are fast and you need to tell them you can work under those circumstances and you enjoy working in such a condition.

Do not say things like” it will be difficult” and “I feel confused”. Just be confident and win the job and you will work great.

3. Questions About Basic Industry Knowledge

These are the most commonly asked questions. You will be asked about your experience in the industry. They could ask you if you have ever helped anyone in the mobile service, or if you have any experience with any call center.

Be sure to have the basic knowledge about other industries as well, and answer every question they ask you. If you want that job, it is necessary that you do your homework – so get it done beforehand.

4. Questions about Mental Strength

You might be asked questions about your mental strength. You may be asked about how you deal with bad days, or what do you do when you are upset.

They might also ask you about a failure in your life and how you handled it. You have to be able to answer properly and show them your strength. Show them that you can deal with conditions like that without any problem. The better you are at working in adverse situations, the stronger you’ll be.

5. Questions About Why You Want To Work There

These are the most common questions not only asked in the call center but everywhere you go for an interview. The interviewer may ask why do you want this job, or why do you want to work in the call center, and you should be ready to answer these questions.

You could just tell them that you want to learn good communication skills by working there. You could also tell them that you love dealing with people and want to do something challenging in life, so you have joined the call center. That will make you more likely to get the job.

Best of luck now for your interview!

What is hard to self-accept?

Power limitations: power can be defined as our ability to influence. When we have no influence over things, we feel powerless. To cope, you try to control your environment and others who exist in it, only to find out that more often than not, this doesn’t work.

Knowledge limitations: people are scared of the unknown. As a coping mechanism against this fear, we convince ourselves that we know more than we really do, or to focus our efforts on improving our lexicon of knowledge.

Social limitations: being part of our biological makeup, people are born with an innate desire to belong to part of a group – it makes you feel supported and safe. Unfortunately, others have other commitments in terms of time, attention and interest.